The red poster



PAPER CAN MAKE YOU A GOOD LOOKING MEAL, A FANCY MUSIC BOX, shopping bags with magical words that pop out like springs, or a bizarre playroom where you swim to the tune.

for each and every piece, i have a clear vision of how i want it to look. then, i decide which color set to use in order to express my original idea correctly. which green goes with which red, or whether checked background will confuse the big picture, such questions go through my head again and again. Because wrong color choice can make things look bad, especially in a piece where there are a lot of colors and movements happening, a wrong color choice can be devastating and I have to be selective. with the color set in mind, i begin the handcraft work. i work on each object one by one, and put them next to one another immediately after finishing each. there is an urgent need to see how each objects looks when standing next to another. by doing so, i can detect, or maybe just sense, if something is off: whether the colors or the arrangement or the shape of the object. it's like a trial and error process. if there is something erroneous, i fix it on spot, until it looks right with other objects around. i keep such techniques until the major work is done. 

it's always good to step back a little bit, whether in work or in life, so i step back a little bit after i'm done. i want to see the big picture. then, i start to arrange each object neatly and correctly by using thread, cords, pins, and some other materials. this process actually takes a lot of time, because perfection is required here. if you want a green diamond to be on top of the organ, you need to be patient and slowly place the thread that hold the diamond right where it should be.